The Center is currently the only place in the world dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and cure of Failed Hypospadias.
The European Center Failed Hypospadias Repair
guarantees the performance of all types of surgeries available today for the treatment of Failed Hypospadias.
The center carries out a large amount of clinical research that has allowed for the development of new surgical techniques. The Center also has a specific role in training all of those dedicated to beginning or completing their training in the field of Failed Hypospadias Repair.
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Hypospadia is the most common congenital anomaly of the penis and urethra, affecting 1:300 male born. In patient with Hypospadias the external urinary meatus is not located at the apex of the glans but along the penile shaft or scrotum. For this reason different types of hypospadias have been described: Glandular, Balanic, Penile, Peno-Scrotal, Scrotal and Perineal.. Read more
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